Here's what you can expect when you work with Mediation Associates of NY & NJ. 


We are compassionate listeners who are skilled at addressing your priorities and understanding your intentions to ensure a mutually respectful and enforceable agreement that you will be able to live with comfortably.

During this difficult period of transition, we will work hard to facilitate and guide a mentally and emotionally healthy discussion towards Separation and Divorce. This process is always empowering for clients and always results in the best agreements.
Our in-depth training and extensive experience as neutrals allows you to be confident that you will understand your rights and options while you retain the flexibility to make the decisions that fit your situation and needs best.
With a Master's Degree in Guidance and Counseling as well as almost twenty years of experience as an Attorney, Janice is uniquely positioned at the intersection of legal knowledge and therapy-based skills to guide you through the mediation process and develop an agreement that reflects creative and lasting solutions to your issues and concerns.

Are you ready to get started?