Even elementary school children are being taught to find healthy and constructive methods of resolving their disputes.  It is the wave of the future…if there is to be a better future.  Here are some examples of how our mediators can help your experience be far better.

Distribution of Assets and Debt:  When a couple is in Court to accomplish a divorce, the Judge does his or her best to equitably and evenly split the assets, the presumption being that everything accrued from the date of the marriage forward, whether asset or debt, is shared.  The Judge does not know either party, does not get to hear what their emotions or psychological needs are, but rather needs to “do the numbers and get out.”  In mediation, it is personal and it is boutique.  It is also ALWAYS cheaper.  We sit together and all “hear” each party’s “needs” and “comfort level”.  One party will give up something that is not that important to him or her in order to get something else that is.  The key is understanding what the Court would do and then finding a creative solution that the Court would not.

Custody and Parenting Schedules:  In mediation, we have the advantage of focused time without threats and an atmosphere of civility that allows us to come up with options and permutations for customizing and personalizing to the needs of the children and each party a way in which to deal with the children’s lives in all aspects.

The Detail Work:  In mediation, we also have the advantage of thoughtful time and the experience of a facilitator who has heard every problem and dealt with thousands of solutions…we are not a “one size fits all” firm.  We think ahead to many problems that could be generated in the future and deal with them now, so that the parties never have to fight.

The Legacy:   The grace of having dealt with a difficult situation in a decent and kindly manner transforms the entire family.  The children are better for it.  The parents are better for it.  It creates a legacy of civility and compassion where otherwise there might be adversity and war.