Why Divorce Mediation is better than going through the courts?

Mediation is in the category of alternative dispute resolution.  It is the process of settling a dispute using a third party negotiator/mediator, instead of letting a judge decide your fate.  What separates Mediation Associates of NY & NJ is that all of our mediators are licensed attorneys and/or therapists with extensive experience in Divorce Mediation and Settlement.

Many families opt to use a mediator throughout the process of their divorce.  A mediator can assist with all of the relevant issues that may come up, including child support, spousal support/alimony, equitable distribution and any other miscellaneous divorce matters.

The reason why many families opt for divorce mediation is because of the vast amount of benefits that it has.  From money, to less conflict, divorce mediation is a great strategy to opt for when you are looking for help throughout your divorce.  Here are a few of the many benefits that it offers.


Mediation is less expensive than duking it out in court.  Even though you have to hire a mediator and pay for their services, the process is usually a much smaller amount of time, leaving you with significantly less court fees.   The attorneys at our firm drastically reduce their fees for the mediation.

Using a mediator will make your divorce process much more discrete.  Throughout the mediation process there are very few people involved.   Most of our clients never go to court and never see a judge.  All negotiations are done in a private, casual setting in our conference room.

Mediators will help make it so that each party is on the receiving end of benefits.  It is no longer a fight between two people, it is a negotiation process.  There is some give and take, but the end result is always one in which both parties can move forward in a positive way, knowing that they had a hand in deciding the issues of their divorce rather than having someone else make such decisions.


When you are going through a divorce and you are using the courts, it is possible that they may come out with an outcome that is unfair, or that doesn’t suit your needs.  When you use a mediator you can define what you want done, and your opinions are listened to.  A judge and jury make a final decision, whereas mediators will work with you and talk you through situations.


Whatever it is that you decide, keep in mind that litigation may take a longer time to help you get a conclusion.  By hiring a New Jersey or New York mediator such as Mediation Associates of NY and NJ, you are increasing your chances of having a discrete process that will leave both parties satisfied.  Divorce Mediation is a process that can take even the stickiest of conflicts and find reasonable resolutions for all parties.
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