Divorce Mediation – Why We Do What We Do

Having been a therapist prior to becoming an attorney and also teaching law, I knew that, although I had the intellect for law, I did not wish to be part of the problem by making spouses/parents adversaries in a courtroom which litigation demands, but rather I wished to be part of the decent and compassionate solution when marriages became untenable or unbearable.  When I first passed the bar, before I opened my doors, I spent five months sitting in courtrooms observing family court cases and … [Read more...]

Why Divorce Mediation is better than going through the courts?

Mediation is in the category of alternative dispute resolution.  It is the process of settling a dispute using a third party negotiator/mediator, instead of letting a judge decide your fate.  What separates Mediation Associates of NY & NJ is that all of our mediators are licensed attorneys and/or therapists with extensive experience in Divorce Mediation and Settlement. Many families opt to use a mediator throughout the process of their divorce.  A mediator can assist with all of the … [Read more...]

Taking the “High Road” During Divorce Benefits the Children

Divorce is never easy for anyone, especially for the children involved.  But the good news is that parents are perfectly able to take the “high road” during the process and settle their divorce dispute through Alternative Resolution Methods (ARM).  Even if you think staying together might be the best option, when parents are unable to work out their marital differences, divorce is often a better choice than to subject your household (and your children) to embittered fights and constant stress by … [Read more...]

The Unexpected Tax Consequences of a Divorce

Divorce has significant tax consequences, the most important of which is that you can no longer file joint tax returns.  Many couples who have filed jointly for several years forget the tax benefit they’ve been receiving until they have to file as single—then the financial reality of the situation sets in. Divorce lawyers who are skilled at their job are usually able to work with a couple to achieve the maximum benefit from an otherwise non-beneficial tax situation.  There are also ways to … [Read more...]

Considering Divorce Mediation: Here Are the Top Skills to Learn to Make the Process Easier

The art of peacemaking is a skill that is learned.  For some, it’s not a difficult skill to master.  For others, it might take considerable time and practice in developing, especially when you are dealing with the life-altering and difficult process of going through a divorce.  For couples who are considering divorce and have even already made the step of speaking with a New York divorce lawyer or New Jersey Divorce lawyer, the thought of “peacemaking” in the current troubled waters might seem … [Read more...]

Contemplating Divorce – What to Do Now?

Divorce is difficult. There’s simply no easy way to end a marriage. Regardless of how straightforward the process is, it still takes time and an emotional toll on the participants. There are legal and financial consequences to divorce. Before you enter into divorce proceedings, you need to be certain that you’re prepared for what’s ahead. Start by making sure you know where you stand financially. Equitable distribution (both husband and wife share in the assets accumulated during the course of … [Read more...]

Getting a Divorce in New York State – 10 Things You Should Know

If you’re planning a divorce in New York State, here are the top ten things you should know. 1. New York is an equitable distribution state, meaning that all marital assets and property will be divided fairly between partners. Keep in mind that “fair” and “half” do not mean the same thing – you may receive more or less than your partner, depending on the circumstances. Divorce mediation can ensure that you receive your fair share of assets. Keep in mind that debts as well as assets will be … [Read more...]

8 Keys To Resolving Divorce Conflict

For many couples, divorce is not seen as the end result of a failing relationship, but rather the beginning of a lengthy war with each other.  This is understandable; by the time divorce is seriously considered the relationship has obviously decayed, and the pent-up frustration and resentment can be toxic and poisonous.  It’s little wonder that many divorces commence in a spirit of total war and simply go downhill from there. However, divorce is not a war; it is a negotiated end to your legal … [Read more...]

First Consultation Is To Help You Choose the Right Divorce Process

No one enters into a marriage expecting it to end in divorce.  That’s why the whole process can be so disorienting and confusing.  People wonder how they ever got to this point and often blame themselves as much as they blame their partner.  In the midst of this confusion, it can be difficult if not impossible to make a coherent, reasoned decision concerning how to proceed with the legalities of ending the marriage.  A divorce can be litigated, collaborative, mediated or uncontested, and all of … [Read more...]

Important Steps In Preparing For A Successful Mediation

Mediation is becoming more and more common in divorce cases, as it frees up the courts and often saves time and money for all involved – in fact, divorce mediation is 90% effective in bringing both parties an agreement without the need for a lengthy, expensive and contentious proceeding.  However, many people become anxious about mediation sessions as it seems to threaten a return to the same old arguments and hurtful words that have become all too familiar.  The key to a successful divorce … [Read more...]