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Through mediation, we have successfully resolved matrimonial and family disputes, contract disputes, workplace issues, guardianship and wills disputes. Let us help you! Call toll free anytime 877-666-9601.

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A handshake or a hug upon the dissolution of a marriage is a far better result than the anger and scars that often result from bitter litigation. Compassionate Divorce is achievable if it is what you both wish — it is in your own best interests and those of your children. The manner in which you divorce leaves a legacy. We will get you through the difficult time of separation and divorce with a caring and grace that the courts cannot offer.

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Mediation versus Litigation

Even elementary school children are being taught to find healthy and constructive methods of resolving their disputes.  It is the wave of the future…if there is to be a better future.  Learn why Mediation can be the right solution for your situation.

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Mediation Blog

We understand how stressful divorce can be and invite you to visit our Blog where we discuss delicate, important topics like money, children, equitable distribution and more. Mediation isn't always the answer but having the information to help you ask the right questions is often so critical.  

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